Zero Emissions

šŸŽ¬ Studio: Juniper Jones (US)
šŸ‘” Client: Brookfield Properties
šŸŽ© My role: Design & 2D animation (Ae)

On this project I worked as both an animator and as a designer, expanding on the art direction set by David Pocull.

I animated all the shots from the beginning until before the coal section (00:00 to 00:41) and then from the sunset (01:08) to the end. The coal part up to before the sun sets at the end was animated by Henrique Barone.

The images you see around are some of the frames I designed as well.


šŸŽ¬ Project Credits:

Client | Brookfield Properties
Creative Director | Kevin Robinson
Design Director | Frank Glinski
Lead Designers | David Pocull, Gabriel Gareso
Animators | Gabriel Gareso & Henrique Barone
Copy Writer | Julia Price Baron & Kevin Robinson
Music Search/VO Record/SFX/Mix | Decibel
Producer | Carlos Espinosa

Other work