Where Is The Light

šŸ‘” Client: Extra Time band
šŸŽ© My role: Direction, Illustration & Animation

Official Music Video for the song "Where Is The Light"

The song draws inspiration from the Japanese phenomenon known as "Hikikomori," a term used to describe the intense social withdrawal experienced by individuals. As the music unfolds, it delves into the complexities of this isolating phenomenon, weaving a narrative that explores the emotional nuances and challenges faced by those who grapple with profound societal detachment.



The project's main challenge was to create an engaging visual interpretation of the song within budget constraints. The band's creative freedom was crucial, making the entire process exceptionally smooth.

I kicked off by brainstorming ideas on a mind map, focusing on researching the hikikomori phenomenon to generate creative concepts.

Next, I started blocking the main structure below the mind map, so I could keep feeding from it throughout the process.


Tackling a 4min and 22secs music video solo was quite a challenge.

I believe working within timing/budget constraints (or any kind of constraint, really) is always a great catalyst for creativity. Finding the balance between an achievable solution and quality is always a tricky, but rewarding, exercise.

Gaining the trust of your client to avoid too many hiccups is a big part of the equation as well. Unreasonable clients tend to hinder production and just end up getting less for what they are investing.

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