Hi! I'm
Gabriel Gareso.


I'm a Brazilian motion graphics designer, animator, and illustrator, based in Sydney.

I started my career as a web designer while pursuing my degree in Graphic Design, back in the day when Flash was the hottest new technology to create all those amazing animated websites. 

After 5 years of feeling constrained by the limits of bandwidth and browser compatibility, I decided to specialise in motion graphics and In 2010 I started my own studio (img.tv). I spent the next 8 years learning and experiencing the "other side" until I felt I was worrying too much about all the things involved in running a business and not spending enough time on my development as an artist.

That's when I decided to resume my solo career.

Right now I'm working full-time at Resolution Design (M&C Saatchi) and I've made the decision of not taking any freelance work to focus on my studies and on the creation of my own content.

I can adapt quite well to different styles, even though in my personal work I usually tend to use mostly simple/geometric shapes and textures, and flat colours. 

This website only includes work created in 2018 onwards.

You can follow my work on various social media pages, like Instagram, Twitter, Dribbble, and Behance, watch some tutorials and workflow videos on my YouTube Channel and download my project files on my Store.

Get in touch: 
[email protected]