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šŸŽ¬ Studio: Ordinary Folk 
šŸ‘” Client: The Bible Project
šŸŽ© My role: 2D animation (Ae)

Towards the end of 2022 I had the pleasure of being part of the animation team at Ordinary Folk (Canada) for one of the beautiful "The Bible Project" animations.

On this one I was responsible for 3 full shots and several minor tweaks to other shots, all animated entirely in After Effects.



šŸŽ¬ Project Credits:

Studio: Ordinary Folk
Creative Director: Greg Stewart
Production: Mona Fani, Stefan Green 
Art Direction: Grace Pedersen 
Animation Direction: Greg Stewart
Design: Grace Pedersen, Avikali Lomavatu, Christopher Vela, Lorena G.
Animation: Manuel Neto, Victor Silva , Thiago Steka , Gabriel Gareso, Filipe Consoni, Daniel Duncan, Pato Molina, Jonas Elsgaard, Greg Stewart.
Produced by The Bible Project
Head of Story: Tim Mackie, Jon Collins
Creative Direction: Robert Perez
Production: Patrick G. Ramos
Sound Design: Reed Harvey


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