Things I
use and recommend.

I tend to do a lot of research, testing, and comparisons before committing to a specific product or service. As this process usually takes quite a bit of time, I thought it would be a good idea to share my favorites with you. 

Some of the links below are affiliate links, but that was not taken into account while putting this list together. I personally use or have used everything on this list and these are all my honest unbiased personal opinions. Hope it helps :)


Web Services


music & sfx

Why do I like it?

It provides unlimited royalty free music and sfx for a very low monthly price. It also has one of the best music libraries I could find. You can cancel at anytime and keep any music/sfx you've licensed while a subscriber. 100% happy so far. 
Use the code GARESO to get 10% off your subscription.´╗┐


just like squarespace, but better

Why do I like it?

This website was created using Semplice. Semplice is an amazingly powerful website editor, based in wordpress. Way more flexible than squarespace and full of awesome features. And it's not a subscription... pay once, use it forever. You'll just have to get a wordpress hosting solution (see hostinger below. It's cheap). I can't recommend it enough ;)


free online gif optimizer

Why do I like it?

If you ever struggled with gif file sizes, this tool might be for you. Their tool optimizes gif file sizes tremendously (not hard to get 40%-60% reduction). The best gif optmizer that I ever came accross. It's online and it's free.


website hosting

Why do I like it?

´╗┐I'm amazed by the admin system and the customer service. All high-quality for a very good price . And It's fast. Cost-benefit at its best. If you decide to use Semplice instead of Squarespace, give this host a go.



premium usb microphone

Why do I like it?

Another clear winner when it comes to cost-benefit. It feels premium in every aspect. This microphone just works amazingly and doesn't take all your desk. Great product.


wireless noise canceling headset

Why do I like it?

Did I say cost-benefit already?? Great sound quality, great bass, lightweight, premium finish and a battery that lasts forever! If you are after an entry-level bluetooth noise canceling device, go for this one :)


tablet for drawing

Why do I like it?

Well, I guess this one is a no-brainer. I like the portability of the 11" version and I think there's still plenty of room to draw. As I don't use it for anyhing else, I just got the 64GB one. If I run out of space, I can just transfer stuff to my computer.